Save us from ourselves!
emily horne
You know? I think the mere fact that Joey and I have been able to make this comic, and reach out to readers, and work together on one project for twelve whole years, makes this the best possible timeline.

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Emily and I started A Softer World in 2003, and it has been so much fun, and so wonderful working on the comic together, making friends with other comic creators and readers. Today is the last day of the comic, but tomorrow someone new will find these archives and read each comic with fresh eyes. I like that idea. The comic will still be here.

And what about Emily and I? Well, we're finally free. Maybe we'll get old now. We'll get old and our children, or our grandchildren will find this site like a dusty old chest in an attic. And they'll read through more than a thousand comics, and tell themselves the best stories about who we used to be.