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Kathy Indiek-Bob Burns THE THING
Bob and Friends Halloween Extravaganzas
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Bob Burns Beast Wishes



Hi Fans of 12" figures. My friends at Executive Replicas微软确认Edge开机自动启动是Bug 并非默认浏览器-站长之家:2 天前 · 从上个月开始,微软全面面向Windows 10版本1803、1809、1903、1909和2021推送新的Edge浏览器更新。随着使用的用户越来越多,一些问题也显现出来了,部分用户最近反馈的一个情况却会让人误 …

I highly recommend these figures for your collections

Bob Burns


Kathy, Peter, KONG, and Bob at the cameo shoot.
"What wonderful memories we have."

There is a fabulous website that includes a Production Diary section.
Visit and enjoy!

(hint: see Post Production Diary week 8)



And now even more Monster Kid Movies on DVD! 


Bob's Basement  好用的访问外网加速器

Order from from this link.

Order an autographed copy from this link.

The Vampire Hunters Club
(visit to see a RM trailer)

On the set of  "The Low Budget Time Machine"
see trailer*  
Read about it here. 
 More photos in the " album"

"A real dream has come true for me. My friend, Steve Forde, has just released a 12" figure of the original BUCK ROGERS from the comic strip that is stunning. He's also going to release Buster Crabb from the FLASH GORDEN serials. These posable figures are museum quality. Anyone who loves the comic strips or serials must have these excellent figures".



Friends of Bob and Kathy released an album in their
Monstrous Movie Music collection and it's dedicated to Bob!

Creature From The Black Lagoon (and other jungle pictures)
[MMM-1952] contains all the previously-unreleased music from Universal-Internationals legendary 1954 monster movie, Creature From The Black Lagoon. The 35-minute suite contains 21 cues available for the first time! This landmark score by Herman Stein, Henry Mancini, Milton Rosen, Hans Salter, and Robert Emmett Dolan conjures both the beauty and horror of the Gill-Mans Amazonian world, and this suite offers practically every second of music previously unavailable on disc.

Very Fun and Cool Site but... better have broad band!




 Time Machine!   


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